The Head To Heart Program will take you on the biggest journey any human being can make… the journey from your head to your heart – so you can start experiencing the freedom of living from your heart again.

If you’re like most people then you have been trained from a very young age to place more and more attention and awareness on what happens within your mind. You have have started to identify the mind as who you are.

So if your mind becomes stressed, anxious or worries… then you will become stressed, anxious and worried.

None of that is the truth of who you really are.

The reality is that within you is the core and essence of who you are. That is located in the middle of your heart centre. That is where the peace, love and joy naturally resides.

For the mind, it can be really, really scary to return to your heart again. That’s because when you shift to your heart the mind loses it’s power. To overcome this fear the mind will try to come up with excuses to stop you from living there. (… I’ll do it later, it’s not really that important, it’s impossible, this won’t work, it can’t be this simple etc)

But if you have the courage to step beyond this fear, a whole new world opens up for you. You will feel a deep sense of peace. A deep sense of love anf joy. You connect with a deep wisdom within you that’s directly connected with source.

Your entire experience of being alive transforms as you open up and deepen the connection with your heart again.

If you have the courage to return once again to your core and the essence of who you are then it’s time for us to connect:

Schedule My Heart Connection Call

This is a powerful call. You will learn the truth about how painful it is to be living from your head. You will connect again with how magical life is when living from your heart. And we’ll have a very straight conversation about whether you actually have the courage to go there or not. People often tell me this is one of the most transformative 45 minutes of their life.

If I feel you’re committed to walking the one path of your heart and if I feel we’re a fit I will invite you to move forward into the Head To Heart Program. If I don’t feel you’re committed or if I don’t feel I can help you then I won’t invite you. Either way it’s a powerful call because you’ll have clarity on the 1-3 steps to start living from your heart again.

If you do overcome your fears and commit to the path of your heart then over the next 6 weeks your experience of being alive will transform. You’ll embody 6x powerful techniques that take you from your head to your heart – not as an idea or a concept – but as your experience.

Like everything in life, if you don’t practice the techniques then you will not shift. That’s why I speak with every single person before they come in – to see if you really are committed or not. Otherwise it’s a waste of my time and your time.

In the Head To Heart program you will embody the following powerful 6x powerful techniques…

Technique #1: How To Go Into ‘No-Mind’

Technique #2: How To Come Into Your Heart

Technique #3: How To Listen To Your Heart’s Wisdom

Technique #4: How To Speak From Your Heart

Technique #5: How To Follow The Pull Of Your Heart

Technique #6: How To Live From Your Heart In The World

This will take you from the stress, anxiety and worry of your mind into the peace, love, joy and wisdom of your heart.

If you’re ready to step into a much deeper and richer experience of what it is to be alive in the human form then I would love to speak with you and explore what’s possible.

Yes, I’m Ready To Explore This Deeper Connection With My Heart

How Does It Work?

Firstly, this isn’t a ‘program’ or a ‘course’ that you’re stepping into. This is a whole new way of being in the world and that’s why this is designed as an immersive experience.

On the practical side there is a members’ area which includes the 6x techniques recorded on video. Unlike a live workshop you can watch these techniques over and over again. Each time you watch them, you’ll pick up little nuances in the techniques that you may have missed the first time. It’s through practice that your mastery will come.

To supplement the trainings, each module also has a guided meditation, PDF and a frequently asked questions section so you can go even deeper into the experience of that technique.

The real power with this is that you are also FULLY supported by me on your journey. What I mean by this is that you have unlimited email support and unlimited 1-1 calls with me over your 6 weeks. It’s just a matter of you reaching out to me via the help desk inside the members’ area if you ever feel stuck and I’m there for you. The only way you’ll get stuck or this won’t work for you is if you either don’t practice… or you don’t reach out for help.

The other difference is the power of the group experience. You have access to 6x weekly group calls (… and recordings). This is where you can ask ANY question you have of me about implementing these techniques into your daily life… and more importantly get to connect with and learn from other people on the same path of the heart. This is a true deep-dive into the nature of the heart.

To complete the law of natural resonance you also have access to the private Facebook Group where you can connect with like-hearted people on the same journey and share your stories, feel heard and tap into the incredible power of peer-to-peer mentoring.

This is a fully immersive experience and that’s why I say the journey from your head to your heart is the biggest journey you’ll ever take. It takes something to be walking the one path of your heart, and it’s a path 99.999% of the population never get to do. I also know it takes courage (… rage of the heart) to do this. So if you feel you’re sick of living from your head and want a much deeper and richer experience of being alive then the first step is to reach out and book a call with me.

Yes, I Want To Go From My Head To My Heart

Much, much love,