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"With the guidance of David, the peace within me was found in no time at all. This blissful feeling is accompanying me ALL THE TIME, connecting to that true essence. A sense of absolute TRUST and BEAUTY. The bliss is still with me… I am completely empowered to rise to the challenges and meet them. I am loving my life more than ever."

"When I really succeed, I feel an immediate inner calm and peace. I would love to stay there all of my life.  It happened this morning. It was really easy and fast. Usually, I fight with my mind for a while before to be able to go there"
 - Helene

"I knew David to be the perfect teacher for me. As our work progressed, I inhabited the heart domain more and more, knowing that this path of heart has ALWAYS been the perfect fit for me… and a quizzical sense that it’s, uncannily, been waiting for me to show-up!
- Bill

"It was beyond my expectations. What David has to offer in terms of the process was really deep for me. I'm a firm believer that whatever you put in you get out... and I put a lot in and got a lot out. With David's insights and direction, I've got a lot to take away – it was just fantastic. It's been great. I loved it."

What My Heart Connection
Clients Are Saying...

"This work is all simultaneously uplifting, deepening, and practically useful. Despite having been on a spiritual path for 43 years, and being a spiritual guide, myself, I needed some real support. Not just cute words and esoteric concepts. Rather, simple and readily accessible support."
- Bill

"I most enjoyed hearing my heart so clearly and feeling it's subtle pull. I am able to find the messages I seek more clearly – quicker with more certainty."
- Helen

"David took me through some different techniques that were really getting me connected with my heart and things just unravelled from there. It was like a mirror.  Getting connected with my heart was like a window into myself. So it was like a window into my own being.”
- Johnathan

"David opens one up to new realms of connection and possibility. If you get a chance to work with David take it, you will discover more about yourself and humanity and gain valuable tools for living a healthy life. David is one of the people on earth now who is working for the evolution of humanity and contributing to heaven on earth."
- Maya

"David has a wonderful sensitivity for communicating the beauty, depth and restorative aspects of the heart. His work is a profound creation that I would recommend to anyone who wants to reconnect with who they are.”
- Pollyanna

"This deeper connection with my heart has given my life a profound presence and clarity."
- Tara

"These free spaces of all thought make me understand that my true nature has nothing to do with the ceaseless chatter of the mind. Thus, I realize that the mind is a tool and that this tool should not take control of my inner world"
- Helene

By the end of our conversation, I absolutely KNEW this work to be the final gemstone of my life’s journey. No more seeking… just FINDING. Finding an underlying peace and beauty in everyone and everything. Arriving in a depth of gratitude that surpasses situations and personalities. Being able to rest in the simple heartfelt truth that all is well, just as it is. Including me, just as I am."
- William

"It was just a matter of trusting the intuitive, guided heart-opened self that when it's connected, there's that unity, that oneness that is. I got a taste of that. I've heard about it – I've heard about those experiences and they sound amazing and I feel that on this journey I got to experience and taste what that is like."
- Ilias

"This work is very inspiring. So lovely to be part of it as it brings me back to my truth. Thank you.”
- Tori

"What you're seeking is within you."
~ David Styles


This training is for people who want to go from their head to their heart and live from their heart in the world. This is for people who are well and is not therapy.
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