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Finding Your True Nature In Nature With David Styles

There is a world beyond the one we know. Beyond the world we see. Beyond the world we hear. Beyond the physical world in which we live...

David Styles - learn how to connect with 'source' in nature

For thousands of years we were in touch with this other world. The world in which trees spoke their wisdom. We could hear the gentle voices in the wind. The river spoke to us in subtle tones. Birds would deliver us messages through their song. There is a world beyond the one which we know.

In this world there was no separation. For separation did not exist. Connection was all there was. No boundary between where you ended. And no boundary between where nature began.

In this world we had the sense of melting. Melting with nature. For we were everything. At the same time. You were the lizard feeling it's heart quicken against the rock in the sun. You were the eagle feeling the air push against it's feathers as it circled on a thermal. And you were the fish feeling the water flow through it's gills in the ocean. No separation...

Nature Immersion - complete oneness with all creation

Yet today we often feel that sense of separation. We no longer feel we are part of everything. Perhaps we feel we are like a separate drop of water floating within the ocean. A drop living beside other drops of water. Rather than feeling we are the vastness of the ocean.

This sense of separation is not our natural state. It has been learnt. Young children do not feel separate. Look deep into the eyes of an infant and you will see the connection. They know. Each second they experience this connection. The oneness with all things. No separation between themselves and other.

For this is our natural state.

My name is David Styles and I have dipped in and out of this state countless times. Consciously it first happened when I was 20 years old. At one point on my year long 'rite of passage' I spent 2 weeks alone by the ocean in a remote national park. One morning whilst walking along a deserted beach I bent down and picked up some wet sand. I spent several minutes looking at all the little grains on my finger tip. The different shapes. The different colours. The different textures. Each grain of sand completely different to the next. Each grain an individual.

Then I felt the urge to look up at the beach and that's when it happened. I got to see the entire beach was made up of these individual grains of sand. Yet the individual grains of sand made up the whole beach.

In that moment my consciousness expanded. All of a sudden I became a lizard I saw laying beside a bush feeling my metabolism quicken in the sun and my scales rub against each other as I moved. At the same time I was also a sea-eagle above the ocean feeling the wind push against my wings and being able to look down with my telescope eyes. And I was also a fish being pushed up and down beyond the breakers feeling the water surge through my gills and sense of weightlessness as I swam through the water.

In that moment I became everything all at once...

Become One With Source In Nature - witness the creator smiling through the mountains

This experience of being everything all at the same time lasted for around 3 weeks. Then I slowly returned to what I call 'ordinary reality'. I remember talking to a friend about it at the time. He said 'Wow, that sounds amazing!' but I remember just telling him how normal and natural it felt. Like this is the normal way we are meant to experience the world.

Since that experience I have been on a 15 year quest. A quest to understand 'what happened'. A quest to find ways of accessing that state of 'non-ordinary reality' at will. This quest has taken me to live with magic men in the tropical jungles of Indonesia. To Native American Indians in the USA. And Aboriginal elders in Australia. 

But mostly this quest has taken me into nature. Into old growth forests. On top of snow-capped mountain peaks. Beside rugged wind-swept coasts. Within the craters of volcanoes. Behind raging waterfalls. For in my experience the easiest way of accessing this state happens alone in nature.Immersing yourself in the wonder and mystery of nature. Finding and experiencing your true nature in nature.

After accessing this state hundreds of times I now know how to access it at will. Whilst driving my car. Whilst walking in supermarkets. Whilst talking with friends. Like nature, this state is always there waiting for you to return. We can all access the world beyond the one we know.

The simplest way I've found is to completely let go of tension in both your body and mind. Completely let go of thoughts as they come and enter into a state of innocense and no-mind.  Then to consciously slow everything down - to view the world like watching a movie in slow-motion. Being in each moment. Feeling each moment. Turning up each of your 5x senses in each moment. Then to place your awareness on and go with the subtle pull of the life force that continuously directs you.

In my experience those are the conditions that allow the world beyond to naturally arise... relaxed, no-mind, heightened senses in each moment and allowing the pull of your heart to guide you. In psychology terms I guess this drops me into the 'theta' and 'delta' brain wave patterns whereupon the dream state occurs. Perhaps that's why Aboriginals call stepping into the spirit realm 'dreaming' and 'the dreamtime'.

Imagination, the language of the soul suddenly awakens. The language beyond the words we commonly use. The signs and symbols from nature speak loudly. The subtle voice within becomes loud. The force beyond speaks directly whilst in this state. Tapping directly into the wonder and mystery of nature. No sense of separation. Connection is all there is.

Given the time and right conditions we can all tap into this state. It is always there just waiting for us to tap into. Like turning on a tap to reveal the water within. The water is always there. Likewise with the spirit within, the wisdom that abounds. The synchronicities everywhere. Always present. Just waiting to access.

If experiencing this state speaks to you, I encourage you to browse through the articles on my website and join the newsletter where you will receive free reports about how to connect more deeply with 'source' through nature.

Talk soon,

David Styles.

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